2573-Megan-SMPI have entirely too many hobbies for one lifetime, but I’ve never let that stop me from picking up a new interest. As an avid writer, reader, seamstress, video gamer, embroiderer, and all-around crafty type, any space I occupy for long tends to start looking rather like a dragon’s den, except that, instead of gold and gems, I hoard books, fountain pens, hand-dyed silk threads, single-player RPGs, random shiny things, and fabrics of interesting pattern, color, and/or texture that I will find a use for someday, darn it! And also, anything with a dragon on it.

I am a lifelong science fiction fan, have been active in the Society for Creative Anachronism for about a decade, and have recently started finding my way into the steampunk community, as well, so much of my reading material and creative output has some connection to the far future, the middle ages, or the Victorian era. I’m also quite fond of the modern era, mind you — I just don’t want to live there all the time.